Powder Coating

ACM is a premier supplier for top-quality Powder Coating and maximum protection E-coat / Powder Coat combinations. Our quality certifications and experienced workforce enable us to deliver:

QUALITY: ACM will meet your exacting quality and durability standards:

  • Exceptional facilities, modern equipment, and top-tier suppliers
  • Durable, clean finishes that meet customer specifications with consistent color and gloss
  • High-quality equipment from Nordson and Gema to produce finishes with superior adhesion and durability
  • Master-level masking capabilities to produce clean lines for correct fit and quality appearance

RELIABILITY: ACM will get the job done right, on time, and on budget. Reliability is built into our process:

  • Two e-coat lines with backup rectifiers to ensure continuous service and redundant capability for e-coating parts
  • Continuous focus on process measurement, refinement, and improvement
  • High-quality packing expertise and systems safeguard finish quality for every shipment

ACM has been providing high-quality corrosion protection for over 23 years – we know the importance of being a good partner.

Powder Coating

The powder-coat process entails the application of electrostatically charged particles onto the surface of the substrate.